Where there is energy, there is vibration and where there is vibration, there is sound. It has a profound effect on our minds, bodies, emotions and experience of life. This has been well documented and observed in cultures and various shamanic traditions around the world. India
itself has an immensely rich and layered tradition of sacred music that includes spiritual mantras, devotional chanting, classical ragas and incredible indigenous instruments that have been used by yogis, sages and gurus to reach meditative states.

Having experienced the profound positive impact sound vibrations can have on the mind and mood, Sattyananda believes strongly in sound’s power to help us to attain states of relaxation and peace and have a richer, more tranquil experience of ourselves and our lives.

Steeped in ancient knowledge and tradition but re-imagined for a modern-day audience using technology and the science of sound, the Sattyanada sound meditations and workshops have been created to help people release stress, anxiety, uplift themselves from low-mood states and experience inner peace, joy and a deeper sense of self.

Each of the meditation experiences, from the dance and chakra mediations, to the surround sound explorations and sound healing sessions, is designed individually, using very specific sound frequencies and vibrations. This knowledge is inspired by the tantric practice of Nada
Yoga—the ancient Indian science of sound and vibrations—the principles of which are central to the meditations developed by Sattyananda.


Every human body has seven energy centres. These are well-known to us as Chakras. Each energy centre, from the root to the crown is responsible for various vital physical and mental functions in the human experience. Each of these is also known to vibrate at its own specific frequency. The Nada Yoga Chakra Meditation is an immersive meditative experience. It is a very gentle meditation carefully crafted, keeping in mind the frequencies, sounds and harmonies each chakraresonates with. In this soothing experience, the listener is led to exploreand align all seven chakras from the Mooladhara to the Saharsara chakra. Deeply restorative, the environment created by these subtle sounds helps meditators deep dive into oneself, bring awareness to the chakras and have a deeper experience of oneself.


In their natural state, human beings experience sound in surround. This is our organic setting and comes easily to us. The Sattyananda’s Surround Sound meditations recreate that natural listening state with use of music production and technology. With the use of technology and ancient sounds, the meditation creates a three dimensional soundscape for people to experience the relationship between space and sound. The intent is for listeners to have a more intimate, dynamicand multidimensional experience. These sonic meditations are held live, in small groups and at specific locations that are able to support a 5.1 surround sound experience like bio domes, natural amphitheaters and theatres. It’s an immersive sound meditation experience, carefully crafted with specific harmonies and frequencies in mind so that listeners are able to dive deeperinto their meditation and themselves.


The mind can be a very busy place. Through our waking hours it receives all kinds of stimuli, both wanted and unwanted. Our modern-day lives are just as overloaded with sensory stimulus with very few opportunities to experience moments of restfulness and peace.

Our Nada Yoga Corporate Workshops are an antidote to this fast-paced, anxiety ridden lifestyle. They are designed to teach meditation and relaxation techniques to urban professionals in a way that is simplistic, practical and completely non-religious.

The workshops are carefully crafted using the ancient tantric science of Nada Yoga and modern day sound technology. This ancient wisdom has been distilled to be easily absorbed and understood by the 21st century practitioner. The experience uses subtle sounds, body movements, breathing techniques and restful practices in a way that instantlyinduces an aware, calm and relaxed state in the listener. These workshops are interactive, fun and truly immersive in nature. They also allow for co-workers to experience themselves and others around them in entirely different ways, creating a positive and joyous environment for all. In relaxing the body and mind, the techniques used help heighten the awareness of the participants and bring about various states of peace and tranquility.

The sustained practice of Nada Yoga has been known to increase productivity and performance, improve decision making, enhance creativity, increase energy and improve memory function, clarity, focus and concentration.


Sound is integral to the human experience. Mantras and music have been used across cultures worldwide to journey within, quieten the mind and connect with ourselves and the environment around us.

The Deep Space Meditation experience has been thoughtfully crafted using the ancient Indian tantric science of Nada Yoga and modern-day sound technology. The experience includes the useof subtle vibrations and frequencies, body movements, breathing techniques, chanting andrestfulness to give the listener a complete body-mind experience of deep peace and joy. An immersive experience and using the deeply restorative and healing power of sound, meditators are taken on an inner journey that helps them become aware of the natural rhythms and spaces of their physical being. This experience brings complete relaxation to the body and mind and creates a sacred space from where inner peace and self awareness can grow.


“Music has so much power that it can free your ego. Not by yoga or by any other means but bykirtan alone can you have the vision of thedivine” -Swami Sattyananda Saraswati

Sound is integral to the human experience. Sound vibrations are heard not only through our earsbut every cell and molecule in our body. The healing may take place at a cellular level via energetic effects, or it may alter individual mood states by calming the mind and body and in that influencing neurotransmitters which help regulate the immune system.

We derive our sound healing practice from the ancient tantric science of Nada Yoga. A subtle art,practiced by sages over thousands of years, Nada Yoga is the practice of uniting with one’sinternal and eternal self and the environment through the use of subtle vibrations and frequencies.

Our sound healing sessions are meant to give meditators an experience of Nada Yoga. Thesessions are designed to include body movements, breathing techniques, chanting, restful practices and sound to quiet the mind so that meditators may experience states of inner peace and joy.


Any activity done with mindfulness and intention is meditation. Dance meditations are a beautifuland dynamic way to express yourself and arrive at meditative states. Our meditations are led by dancer and artist Lalita Shivani.

The movements are inspired by traditional temple dances and yoga. Using a combination of music and conscious movements these when performed with awareness and freedom can lead to you to having a deep experience of inner bliss and tranquility. They are an active way to release stress from the body and flow with the rhythm of the music to experience true joy.

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