The Nada Yoga Foundation is a for-peace, not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to serving people through yoga, meditation, and various socially-driven projects that aid the under-looked and underprivileged members of society. Inspired by the teachings and works of Paramahansa Sri Swami Sattyananda and Sri Sivananda Saraswati—service, love, self realisation and inner peace—are the fundamental principles upon which the organisation’s work is based. At the heart of the foundation’s work and the guiding light behind all its endeavours lies the Indian tantric science of Nada Yoga. This ancient practice uses sound and music to reach deep meditative states that allow practitioners to experience immense peace and harmony with oneself and the environment. The foundation has thoughtfully combined the age-old principles of Nada Yoga and incorporated modern-day technology to create a unique collection of meditative experiences. Designed with science-like precision, the Nada Yoga mediative experience creates specific sonic environments using the right frequencies and vibrations, helping people dive deep within and experience the moment from a deeper, more relaxed and aware perspective. These curated meditations can be experienced by all through the foundation’s various workshops. The aim of these workshops is to reach out to all members of society so that everyone may have the opportunity to experience the inner peace and silence that the art of Nada Yoga promises. In the spirit of service, the Nada Yoga Foundation also gives back to society through its various socially-driven programmes. The foundation runs a Food Seva Programme, aimed at providing a mid-day meal to over 200 children across New Delhi, as well as Nada Yoga meditation workshops for the visually impaired, sound healing workshops for cancer patients, meditations for orphaned children and an entertainment programme using a fusion of Indian classical and electronic music for underprivileged children.

The Nada Yoga Foundation believes that sound is a truly universal language with the ability to transcend religion, race, language, age, gender, and culture. And through the uniqueknowledge of ancient sound and modern-technology, the foundation hopes to reach out to every human being who wants to experience peace, love and harmony.

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