Sattyananda performances are aimed to lead the listener inwards. Sattyananda engages with different forms of music & digital technology collaborating with Indian Classical musicians & dancers. You can scroll to learn more.


East meets tech in this unique musical performance that combines Indian heritage with modernity.  Sattyananda’s  Electro-Classical experiences fuses traditional Indian classical music with Sattyananda’s modern, electronic sound production.

A classic Sattyananda Electroclassical Live Set is a melodious journey into traditional Indian Classical ragas blended with relaxed electronic atmospheres and grooves. Each song is chosen specially for the time of day that it is performed. The result is a sonic journey that features an orchestra of folk singers and classical musicians on the flute, sarod and percussions. The performances can also include larger orchestras that introduce more traditions of Indian classical music, including folk singers and classical artists performing on the violin, sitar, sarangi, and santoor.


Dance, music and projected visuals come together to create an extraordinarily immersive meditative experience. The live sensorial performance combines Sattyananda’s audio and visual artistry alongwith artist, Lalita Shivani’s conscious and spiritual dance movements. The experience is geared to put the mind at ease through blissful, ambient music, hypnotic visualsand the slow and considered dance movements inspired by the temple dances of ancient cultures. This show has been performed world-wide in temples in Bali, the Art of Living ashram in Bangalore, Moscow, Germany, Spain and London.

Surround Sound Experiences

In their natural state, human beings experience sound in surround. This is our organic setting and comes easily to us. The Sattyananda’s Surround Sound Experiences recreate that natural listening state with the use of music production and technology. Using technology and ancient sounds, the music creates a three-dimensional soundscape for people to experience the relationship between space and sound. The intent is for listeners to have a more intimate, dynamic and multidimensional experience. These sonic experiences are held live, in small groups and at specific locations that are able to support a 5.1 surround sounds experience like biodomes, natural amphitheatres and theatres. It’s an immersive sound experience, carefully crafted with specific harmonies and frequencies in mind so that listeners are able to dive deeper into their inner selves.


The Deep Space Music Experiences present the use of subtle vibrations and frequencies, that lead to an immersive experience which is deeply restorative & healing. The experience brings complete relaxation to the body and mind and creates a sacred space from where inner peace and self-awareness can grow.
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