Sattyananda is an accomplished musician and a Nada Yoga practitioner from India. He is the founder of the philanthropic organisation, The Nada Yoga Foundation, and the conscious soundand music enterprise, Audio Ashram.

Sattyananda set out to become a music artist in 1996. A self-taught musician, with a careerspanning 26 years, he spent his early twenties experimenting with electronic music, carving a niche space for himself in the alternate music scene in India in the 90’s. Soon after his success, he founded Audio Ashram, which at the time operated as a record label representing a like minded community of musicians from India and around the world.

From quite early on, Sattyananda’s musical career was influenced deeply by his own yogic and ancient tantric meditative practices. Having grown up in India, his childhood involved travelling to ashrams, interacting with gifted and knowledgeable spiritual gurus. Of these gurus and practices the work and teachings of Parmahansa Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati and the ancient tantric practice of Nada Yoga influenced his own spiritual journey as an artist and entrepreneur deeply. Since the early 2000’s Sattyananda has created a unique sound that is distinctively deep, ambient, immersive, and steeped in classical Indian traditions, the sacred and the spiritual. With the addition of his own practice and understanding of Nada Yoga added to the mix, Sattyananda now dedicates his time creating meditative music that combines the sacred frequencies and vibrations of NadaYoga with technology to weave a spiritual sonic experience for modern-day seekers. His personalexperiments with sound, meditation and consciousness over the years have given him deep insight and understanding of the incredible peace-inducing abilities of subtle sound vibrations and frequencies of Nada Yoga. He believes that sound has the power to heal, to help relax the mind and body, and to aid people in their journey to self awareness. As a first-hand witness to the profound inner changes sound and sacred music can bring out in a human being, Sattyananda, through his philanthropic work and meditative sound experience has made it his mission to bring peace, tranquility and joy to as many lives as possible.

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