“Music has so much power that it can free your ego. Not by yoga or by any other means but bykirtan alone can you have the vision of thedivine” -Swami Sattyananda Saraswati

Sound is integral to the human experience. Sound vibrations are heard not only through our earsbut every cell and molecule in our body. The healing may take place at a cellular level via energetic effects, or it may alter individual mood states by calming the mind and body and in that influencing neurotransmitters which help regulate the immune system.

We derive our sound healing practice from the ancient tantric science of Nada Yoga. A subtle art,practiced by sages over thousands of years, Nada Yoga is the practice of uniting with one’sinternal and eternal self and the environment through the use of subtle vibrations and frequencies.

Our sound healing sessions are meant to give meditators an experience of Nada Yoga. Thesessions are designed to include body movements, breathing techniques, chanting, restful practices and sound to quiet the mind so that meditators may experience states of inner peace and joy.

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