Close Encounters

Close encounters is an Ambient, Downtempo, Deep Chill, Sci-fi, Electronic music album. The 5 songs showcased are carefully crafted to tell a story about a crew of humans who travel into space using sound & how they discover a new planet.

The music in close encounters is not written for a listener who is looking for some sort of a popular pop culture vibe or one looking for the regular electronic music with the fat beats, loud sounds & crazy drops. Close Encounters is written for the mind that seeks that extra something from electronic music, it’s music for a liquid mind, it’s music for a person who has an open mind and is willing to let go of all preconcieved ideas of what electronic music is supposed to be.

For starters the album is completely beat less, so there itself we know 75% of electronic music listeners have already disengaged from listening to it, which is a good thing because I like to share my music with the other 25% who are tired of listening to the same formula on repeat for the last 2 decades and understand that the interaction between man & machine can definitely evolve to a deeper more trippy more relaxed space where music is not made for dance but for pure listening pleasure!

The track names are self explanatory & the best way to listen to the album is to sit in a quite relaxed space, preferable outdoors, press play and let yourself drift off on this journey to discover a new planet

Once again, just so we are all on the same page, this is music for a listener who has an open mind and is wanting that extra something from electronic music, if you feel all this is too much for you then its better you don’t waste your precious time listening to this album. If you choose to listen then I wish you a good trip and I hope you enjoy the journey and appreciate the sincere effort I’ve put into making the music and sharing it with you all. May everyone be guided by their own bliss.

– Sattyananda

Produced, Composed & Arranged by Nikhel Kumar Mahajan



RELEASE DATE - February 10, 2017

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