The mind can be a very busy place. Through our waking hours it receives all kinds of stimuli, both wanted and unwanted. Our modern-day lives are just as overloaded with sensory stimulus with very few opportunities to experience moments of restfulness and peace.

Our Nada Yoga Corporate Workshops are an antidote to this fast-paced, anxiety ridden lifestyle. They are designed to teach meditation and relaxation techniques to urban professionals in a way that is simplistic, practical and completely non-religious.

The workshops are carefully crafted using the ancient tantric science of Nada Yoga and modern day sound technology. This ancient wisdom has been distilled to be easily absorbed and understood by the 21st century practitioner. The experience uses subtle sounds, body movements, breathing techniques and restful practices in a way that instantlyinduces an aware, calm and relaxed state in the listener. These workshops are interactive, fun and truly immersive in nature. They also allow for co-workers to experience themselves and others around them in entirely different ways, creating a positive and joyous environment for all. In relaxing the body and mind, the techniques used help heighten the awareness of the participants and bring about various states of peace and tranquility.

The sustained practice of Nada Yoga has been known to increase productivity and performance, improve decision making, enhance creativity, increase energy and improve memory function, clarity, focus and concentration.

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