Most of the times the kind of work we present is featured by alternative lifestyle & music blogs that claim to bring about an awareness to a growing subculture within our country.

On the 5th of May we put out India’s first 5.1 Surround Sound electronic music showcase at PVR Cinema & this time The Indian Express caught us at Audio Aashram by surprise when they called wanting to write a feature on my Surround Sound Music showcase ‘The Kundalini Highway’. Super cool to see mainstream media picking up genuine stories & actually help create awareness for experiences that lie outside the regular realm of nightlife & club culture!

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Watch the video at TURIYA

According to ancient Indian Scriptures,
there are four states of consciousness
Waking. Dreaming. Deep rest and ‘Turiya’ the fourth state
which silently witnesses all the other three.

This is an experiment to showcase how different mediums of expression interact with technology and create an immersive experience.

All effects & visuals are created pre production & performed live.

Performance : LALITA SHIVANI
Music + Live visuals : SATTYANANDA
Direction + Shot + Cut : RAHAT MAHAJAN

Heres an article on my 5.1 surround sound showcase at PVR along with an online Q&A session with Lavanya Grover. Thank you Platform Magazine (India) for featuring Sattyananda as your profile of this week!

“Imagine being in a zone where music envelops your mind, body and spirit; locking you in but freeing you all the same. Featuring Nikhel Mahajan; musician, artist, spiritualist, as he talks about 10 years of making electronic music for the soul.”

Artwork Abducting AliensAnother review for “Sattyananda – Abducting Aliens”, this ones in Italian and was fun to figure out. Many thanks to Nicola Tenani!

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As far as I can remember I always loved the Enfield motorcycle and its iconic sound!

It was an honour and a super good feeling when I was asked to compose the sound track for this Enfield commercial titled “Hand Crafted in Chennai”

Happy to share the music as a free download on my soundcloud! Watch the AD on youtube!

Composed & Arranged by Nikhel Kumar Mahajan for W&K India Hand Crafted in Chennai Royal Enfield AD

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Abducting Aliens (Experimental)
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